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Our “Jazzmine” silky straight Patented Thin Part Wig™️ might just be perfect for you!

Do you love silky textures? Our “Jazzmine” silky straight Patented Thin Part Wig™️ might just be perfect for you. Select 180% for a natural density and 250% for a va va voom look. Either way, this texture is sure to turn heads!

Silky straight is perfect for naturally straight hair or hair that has little to no coarseness to it when in a straightened state. Brianna has type 3 and fine hair (swipe to see her natural texture). If your hair is naturally silky straight or you are natural but have a similar texture to Brianna, you can wear our “Jazzmine” silky straight. If your hair has coarseness to it after straightening, we recommend our “Kelsey” texture or “Jada” kinky straight. For styles that do not require a leave out, select a curly texture.

  • Both images feature “Jazzmine “ in 18 inches.
  • Prefer clip ins? Now you can experience seamless no weft clip ins with our TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins.
  • What is the difference between the Patented Thin-Part Wig™️ vs imitation wigs
  • V part, I part, true part & others are attempted copycats of our Patented Thin Part Wig™️.
  • Unlike the imitations, the top of the Patented Thin Part™️ Wig lays flat even when you move around or the wind blows. The top opening will not flap around in the wind like wings.
  • There are no humps/lumps
  • No “v” imprint visble through your leave out
  • Metal shiny wig clips will never show through your leave out or if the wind blows
  • The top opening will not slide away from your part causing a gap which results in a chrochet like appearance
  • The top opening has True Root Mimicking Technology which means it looks & behaves like your real hair roots
  • If you attempt our Patent Pending install method with other wigs, as you start moving around, the issues noted above will occur.
  • If you are a consumer who has been scammed by knockoffs, contact with 

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