TrueRoot™ Clip-In, Seamless Natural Real Hair Root Clip-ins

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Just when you think our Patented Thin-Part Wig™️ changed the game, now we’ve done it again with another game changing invention! Our Patent Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins feature our True Root Mimicking technology seen on our Patented Thin-Part Wigs™️.

✨Here’s how this innovative product is changing the clip-in game and benefiting you:

💕Instead of a bulky weft, the TrueRoot™️ Clip-in mimics real hair roots. It can be worn with little to no leave out and will be 100% undetectable.

💕Half up/half down styles require no leave out. This means you can wear, any texture and any color you desire without having to blend a leave out. If the wind blows or you simply move your head, no weft will be revealed. It will appear to your own natural hair roots.

💕You can also wear down styles with little to no leave out.

💕If you wear a down style with all of your own hair out, by attaching the TrueRoot™️ Clip-in at the top, you no longer have to worry about the wind blowing. If your leave out moves, the TrueRoot™️ Clip-in will appear to be your own natural hair roots.

💕The TrueRoot™️ Clip-in makes blending a breeze. Due to the natural hair root mimicking technology, you can position the clip -in closer to your part without worrying about your leave out being too thin and revealing a weft. This means the leave out area at the top will now seamlessly blend in with your TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins. So whether you love wearing a full protective style or blending clip-ins into your own hair, the TrueRoot™️ Clip-in will transform your experience with hair extensions.

✨Currently available in our Cambodian Kinky Straight texture in 3 colors. Natural black, soft ombré and bold ombré.