V Part Wig

Are you curious about the difference between the Patented Thin-Part Wig vs imitation wigs such as v part wigs? Look no further. We’ve summarized exactly what you know:
  • V part, I part, true part & others are attempted copycats of the Thin Part Wig.
  • Unlike the imitations, the top of the patented Thin Part Wig lays flat even when you move around or the wind blows. The top opening will not flap around in the wind like wings.
  • The Thin Part Wig contains no humps/lumps once it’s installed.
  • This patented ev” imprint visible through your leave out
  • Metal shiny wig clips will never show through your leave out or if the wind blows
  • The top opening will not slide away from your part causing a gap which results in a chrochet like appearance
  • The top opening has True Root Mimicking Technology which means it looks & behaves like your real hair roots.